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A new report looks at the barriers to black girls’ and women’s educational and economic success.

CVS illegally charged 11,000 women a co-pay for their birth control.

Several women firefighters with the US Forest Service filed a complaint alleging they faced sexual abuse, harassment, and job discrimination from their male coworkers.

Jessica Luther on the NFL’s domestic violence problem and our race problem.

A Rookie guide for dealing with sexual harassment at work.

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Yes, “Emma You Are Next” was a hoax; No, everything’s not okay

4chan Hoax

In the wake of giving a very mild speech about feminism and men’s role in it at the United Nations, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson found herself threatened by the 4chan messageboard with a release of nude photos supposedly hacked from her computer. But the countdown clock website at the center of this mess, entitled “Emma You Are Next,” had a surprise for everyone when it hit zero: the whole thing was, apparently, a hoax by a marketing firm called Rantic. Confusion proliferated: was the entire thing made up? Were the comments on 4chan fake? How deep did the rabbit hole go? Who or what was Rantic? Indeed, the website itself seemed to furnish an answer.

As of this writing, it now displays a strongly worded letter to the President Barack Obama, enjoining him and the world at large to “#shutdown4chan,” claiming the “Emma You Are Next” clock was a hoax meant to draw attention to 4chan’s criminal leaks of celebrity nude photos. It’s endorsed by Rantic CEO Brad Cockingham. Yes, really. The letter even says the hacking is a “clear indication that the internet NEEDS to be censored.” Curiouser and curiouser. Read More »

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Photo of the Day: Indian students protest police brutality and sexual violence


(Photo credit: Ronny Sen/BBC)

Students at Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India have been protesting for nearly a month now after a female student was sexually assaulted. Fellow students’ peaceful protest against the inaction of the university authorities and demands for an independent investigation were met with a brutal police crackdown that sent several students to the hospital. This past weekend, tens of thousands of people marched to protest the police violence. While the government has begun an inquiry into the assault, students are continuing their boycott until the school’s vice chancellor resigns.

You can stay updated by following the  hashtag on Twitter.

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Texas crisis pregnancy centers exposed

Maps of texas with abortion clinics v. CPCs - there are MANY more CPCs

If you follow Feministing, you probably know about crisis pregnancy centers. We’ve written on numerous occasions about these facilities run by anti-choicers that usually disguise themselves as health care facilities but serve the purpose of preventing folks facing unintended or unwanted pregnancies from accessing abortion services. Their coded language can be hard to distinguish even for those of us who’ve spent time on campaigns to increase access to reproductive health care, and for most people they can be impossible to tell apart from actual health care facilities. Because of this, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas just released a new site exposing crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in the state.
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UChicago misogynists threaten sexual assault survivors and activists over release of ‘rapist list’

Last year, the Department of Education opened an investigation of the University of Chicago after a complaint alleged that gender-based violence and harassment were rampant on campus, and that the University was doing little to stop it. Yesterday a group calling itself the UChicago Electronic Army (UEA) provided a good case in point. The UEA hacked the University of Chicago MODA fashion website in order to send a threatening message to campus survivors, activists, and allies:

UEA’s message, which is no longer online, was a response to the release of the Hyde Park List. As Dana reported on Monday, “concerned citizens” posted the names of several “people known to commit varying levels of gender-based violence” at the school. (After initially being removed by Tumblr, the site was back up for a time yesterday but is down again now. Based on a spokesperson’s statement to Jezebel, it seems the university asked the organizers behind it to remove it.) Singling out the activist they believed to be responsible for the list, UEA claimed to be keeping the “community safe from people who publicly accuse other people of committing varying levels of gender-based violence without any proof whatsoever.” Because nothing just screams “innocent” like using intimidation and, um, actual rape threats to silence survivors who speak out.  Read More »

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