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"@iaffmes I was going to send a message to thank you for the friend request, but cannot find the “send” button to save my life. Anyway, loved your post on pornography v. reality!" · View
  • Hello all! Even though it has been extensively covered by the feminist community, I thought I’d post some reflections on the lessons for the Left from the Assange rape allegations. Enjoy! Trigger warning: this article contains references to sexual assault that may cause distress to survivors. When I heard reports that Julian Assange, co-founder of whistleblower organisation Wikileaks, [...]

  • Hello wonderful Feministing readers! For my amazing gender studies course I am writing about feminist critiques of marriage and, in particular, whether queer folk should be seeking same-sex marriage or defining our relationships outside of the marriage norm. What better place, I thought, to gain inspiration than the wonderful Feministing community discussion boards! So…. marriage. [...]

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    Great post. Unfortunately debates about Twilight have often seemed to involve bewailing the stupidity of those who read the series, but I think there is more to phenomenon than that. I think there are two main things that young women see in the series that are often overlooked. The first is the classic romance meme [...]

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  • iaffmes wrote a new blog post: Challenging Privilege   4 years, 9 months ago · View

    I have a good male friend who, in many ways, has been moving along the path towards being a good feminist/pro-feminist ally. However, every now and again I still catch him saying something that screams of privilege, such as “do you really think women are oppressed in Australian society?” (To which I replied, that although [...]

  • iaffmes wrote a new blog post: Pornography Vs Reality   5 years ago · View

    Warning: this post is about pornography, so be prepared for a massive feministing-style debate (I hope!). When Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series appeared in the public consciousness, a lot of feminist commentators rightly took the series to task for its potential to negatively influence teenage girls in regard to the sort of partners they would deem [...]

  • OK, first I am going to say that I am angry. I am really furious. Lately I’ve been reading this awesome book by Naomi Wolf called Promiscuities about growing up in the 60′s and how confusing and hurtful (as well as amazing) becoming a woman in modern society can be. And then I hear about this: [...]

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