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    I love this Friday twitter-follower feature. And pretty much all the articles everyday. Sorry I don’t have any nominees right now, just wanted to say keep up the great work, feministing staff. {muah}

  • Ivan commented on the blog post Ageism and the magical invisibility cloak   1 year, 6 months ago · View

    Fantastic article, Ms. Harpaz. Heartbreaking & uplifting. And very informative.

  • Ivan commented on the blog post In case you forgot: The military is not for us, ladies   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    This is a complicated issue, and Amy Choi’s perspective is valid, but this is literally a matter of of life and death (a cliched phrase, but apt in this case). Female armed servicemembers can not be streamlined into infantry sevice at this time. More people will die if this DoD policy changes.

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    Again on the ridiculous Feministing headline here: Scales makes it a point to note many females he knows or is related to who have done great things in the US military. I can verify his point about female artillery officers. I’ve been a subordinate to a few female Army officers and a few female NCOs, [...]

  • Ivan commented on the blog post In case you forgot: The military is not for us, ladies   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    First of all, this headline — “The military is not for us, ladies” — is wrong, misleading, loaded, inaccurate, and brazenly unfair. Amy Choi is losing her poorly researched argument before we even reach word one of her post here. “Direct action combat arms military occupational specialties (although we regularly train for and serve in [...]

  • Romney didn’t say the etch-a-sketch thing. That was campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.

  • Ivan commented on the blog post What We Missed   2 years, 5 months ago · View

    Honest question:

    Is a white person tweeting #thuglife the equivalent of a black person tweeting #nerdland?

  • Ivan commented on the blog post What We Missed   2 years, 5 months ago · View

    Those 4 dudes represent a whole continent?

  • Ivan commented on the blog post Where are the women? National Magazine Award edition   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    Anna Badkhen has published several amazing articles in the last couple years from her travels in Afghanistan.

  • Not only has this guy’s every economic policy idea been debunked, not only is he an alleged deadbeat dad, not only has he completed one of the swiftest severest retreats from national tv cameras in the history of sitting American politicians, (I don’t have a problem with the yelling thing — I respect that kind [...]

  • Yet again, this logic leads to the same goals espoused by the likes of Ron Paul today or Republicans like Jesse Helms years ago. This is appalling. “Most . . . are on little more than subsidized adventure travel tours”? What are you talking about? You have stats? Or did Doctors Without Borders do something [...]

  • So, really the only people that are going to be offended by them are people whose very work relies on them always thinking everything they do is good, and to help people, and worst of all, that race doesn’t matter. Cole was forced to spend much of the article defending the minutiae of the tweets [...]

  • “His good heart does not always allow him to think constellationally. He does not connect the dots or see the patterns of power behind the isolated “disasters.” All he sees are hungry mouths, and he, in his own advocacy-by-journalism way, is putting food in those mouths as fast as he can. All he sees is need, [...]

  • Samhita & Teju Cole somehow manage to oversimplify where they seek to add nuance, and they somehow manage to over-complicate the more straightforward aspects of the issue of charity in poor places across Africa. What’s really odd is that Mr. Cole seems to have embraced the notions held dear by old American conservatives regarding whether [...]

  • Ivan commented on the blog post A note about honoring Limbaugh…   2 years, 7 months ago · View

    A bust in a state-built Hall of Fame?

    Mr. Limbaugh himself, a self-identified anti-big government conservative, should disapprove of this on account of it all being a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Ivan commented on the blog post Afghan woman to box in summer Olympics   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    So badass.

    I predict the Rahimi sisters will become international superstars this summer. They should abandon modesty and embrace a talent agent & lawyer who can help them capitalize on their unique athletic & ambassadorial gifts.

  • Beyond all the absurd, homophobic beliefs that inform his disgusting policy positions is a fundamental ignorance of the fact that the Supreme Court is a coequal branch of the federal government. Too many Republicans these days are deliberately forgetting this, and their lies & misrepresentations of the essence of SCOTUS’s stature & Constitutional mandate go [...]

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