What’s with the logo?

The Feministing logo is meant to be ironic. We wanted to take a traditionally sexist image – the mudflap girl – and subvert her. Hence, the middle finger. We like to think of her as saying “fuck you” to the sexist beauty standard she is supposed to represent.

How did Feministing start?

Back in 2004, Jessica was working for a national women’s organization and was feeling like the mainstream feminist movement wasn’t really interested in hearing younger women’s voices. So after a prompting by her then-boss (founder of LiberalOasis), she founded Feministing along with Vanessa and two other women she worked with (who have since left the site). For more of a back story on how the different Feministing editors came to the site, watch their videos here.

So are you guys getting rich off of this blog?

We all have other jobs. Full-time other jobs. The money we make from ads goes mainly to tech upkeep, site maintenance and sending us to the occasional conference. We all are looking forward to the day that feminist blogging makes us rich assholes.

Does any one edit posts? Are topics and opinions decided by consensus?

No, we are a diverse group of people with diverse opinions, and while we do sometimes edit each others posts, it’s never to limit perspective/opinion. The views espoused in any post should be attributed to that post’s author, not “Feministing,” except for the rare occasions in which we say explicitly that a post is coming from all of us.

How are comments moderated?

You can check out the comments policy here. If you feel like a thread is getting out of control, or want to make a complaint, please press the report button.

You erased my comment/banned me/won’t let me post on the community site. Isn’t that censoring?

No. This is a feminist site whose purpose is to further feminist dialogue in a progressive manner. If you aren’t contributing to that end – if you’re derailing a thread, making personal attacks or trolling – we will erase your comments and possibly ban you from the site. Our site, our rules.

How can I write for Feministing?

The best way to write for Feministing is to contribute to our community blog or, if you’re a college activist, to our Campus blog. We “front page” posts often and our Community and Campus sites are growing more every day. Make your voice heard!

Why are you writing about A when B is so much more important?

See here. In fact, spend some time on Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog. It’s awesome.

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