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Mad Cow disease, or why i hate commercials for hamburgers

I know that fast food companies like Burger King and Carl’s Jr. dont have a great history with the feminist community ( I think we can all remember the one I’ll just call “in which paris hilton gyrates on a soapy car wilst eating a burger”…*takes two tylenol*) , but i just saw a commercial that really takes the cake.
  It was an ad put out by Burger King in which a man is sitting in his car at night and eating a burger.  All of a sudden a big angry cow comes charging at the car.  The man turns around and screams in fear “I never said we were exclusive!!!”
Get it??  Cuz what is a woman scorned but a big angry cow?  oh, and he was cheating on his angry cow with a hunk of ground meat.  nice.