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Mitt Romney Is Not the Answer

A woman’s vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for her own dehumanization and subjugation. Mitt Romney wants to take away our well-fought right to control your own body. It’s not about being pro-choice or anti-choice. It’s about being pro-America. We are Americans; tax-paying Americans that work, go to college, and stimulate our economy through commerce.
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney fights to treat women, these same Americans with jobs, educations, hopes and dreams, like not only less than men, but less than human. Women are being stripped of their right to choose more and more every day. Again: THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. This is NOT about abortion. This is NOT about contraception. This is about that fact that people died to fight for our rights as Americans.
Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States does it state “freedom of religion as long as you are Christian.” Nowhere does it say “freedom of speech as long as you are saying what we want to hear.” It was never written “the right to life as long as it’s the life we want you to have, liberty as long as you use it as we see fit, and the pursuit of happiness through choices we want you to have.”
The problem with Republicans is that they are complacent with hypocrisy. They pretend to defend the Constitution’s promise of religious freedom until an American voice a favor toward a religion other than any facet of Christianity. ...