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The Right of Women to Protest

As near as I can tell, the ultimate goal of feminism is the removal of all patriarchal boundaries that work to restrict individual choice with regards to gender. All genders are supposed to be equal, the feminist will say, and we utilize the ballot box as a means of securing our own liberty. Of course, women didn’t always have the right to vote. For a very long time, women have been seen as second-class citizens while pecking away at each separate issue that holds them down. Getting burned at the stake for wearing men’s clothing is no less a relevant issue to women than is being unable to find safe abortion care in the event of a medical complication. Let’s face it: women have always had a tough road to travel.

Only, does voting really serve the ends of gender equality? During the deliberately atrocious Republican Party statements (deliberately to keep people talking about them, which is a kind of campaign strategy) made in this past spring’s candidate debates where people like Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann embarrassed themselves, everyone who paid any mind had to listen to the usual party rhetoric. Gay marriage is a sin. Immigrants don’t deserve anything. Abortion should be illegal. And so on and so forth, all the similar statements recited from a playbook given to them by the people holding the purse strings. A feminist will say that voting for a Democrat is the better choice because the ...

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