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A question for Bay Area feminists …

Firstly, I am thrilled to be heading to Mills College, a private liberal arts women’s college, as a first-year student in the fall. The campus is located in Oakland at the base of the hills of the East Bay. Gorgeous. I will be majoring in Art History, with a double-minor in English and Women’s Studies, and am very excited to explore this trifecta of subjects.

But, additionally, I am looking forward to better exploring the Bay Area. I’ve visited San Francisco, Berkeley, and Palo Alto, and I love love love the colorful and ever-progressive culture.

I’m from Eugene, Oregon, a small college city in the Willamette Valley (known for the University, Saturday Market, breweries, excessive coffee shops, organic food, theater, and the commune-like Country Fair). I love my hometown, and I know I will come to love Oakland just as much, but I’m really looking to make the transition as smooth as possible.

So, my question: Where are the best feminist centers (bookstores, cafes, organizations, clubs, events, etc.) in Oakland/San Francisco? Do any of you live in the area and have advice for how to connect and become familiar with the best parts of the city?

I adore Feministing and thought I might utilize the community feature to, well, scope out a new community.

Thank you for your consideration and suggestions!