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Wendy Williams’ Adele comments further gender stereotypes

Wendy Williams made some very nasty comments about what she calls “skinny girls” today. Here’s a link with her comments:

We should all be outraged by these comments. Email her and tell her what you think! Here’s my email to the Wendy Williams show:

‘Wendy Williams,
This is an email responding to your comments about Adele and your desire to see her pose for PETA. Here were your comments:
“I would like to see Adele naked. As a woman of a particular size myself, there is no hating on skinny girls, but there is nothing interesting about their bodies. I think for women, curves and softness is what separates men from women. Three cheers for girls that are built like fifth grade boys, but there is something to be said for womanly women. Adele, with her gothic figure, would look great in PETA ads.”

How DARE YOU. There is so much intolerance, hatred, and disgusting irony in these comments, that I don’t even know where to begin.

1.) You constantly preface your hateful comments toward women who do not look like you, with some lame remark about how you’re NOT hating on “skinny girls”! You have some nerve saying that women, who come in all shapes, sizes, and colors are not REAL women if they do not have the same body type as you. If I were “skinny”, which I’m not, your limiting and exclusive language would imply that I neither belong under the “woman” umbrella. So ...