Tierney is the Director of Production at Flocabulary, an ed-tech company that makes learning engaging, relevant and accessible for students of all backgrounds using hip-hop. She oversees creative content production, working with artists and musicians to make music. Tierney has collaborated with the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fat Tony, Nitty Scott, Donwill and Sammus. Most recently, she has spearheaded a series of social justice videos, defying standards about when and where social justice is taught. She has degrees in creative writing and popular culture, loves dancing, reading and laughing, and lives in Brooklyn with her husband. Be cautious: the booty is bigger than it appears.

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05/12/2017 Malden Ma  Mya Cook (cq) left and her sister Deanna Cook (cq) right attend Mystic Valley Regional Charter School . The school ha  said that some of their students hair styles violates their school's dress code.The girls beleive that they are being punshied for their hair style. They are twins and are 15 years old.  Boston Globe StaffPhotograph Jonathan Wiggs Reporter:Topic

We Need to Fix Racism in Our Institutions, Not Black Hair

This month, we witnessed several instances in which black students were punished for wearing natural or black hairstyles to school. A Boston charter school gave multiple detentions to 15-year-old twin sisters who came to school with box braids, arguing that their hair extensions broke the school’s dress code. As punishment, the twins were pulled from their sports teams and banned from prom. In Florida, 17-year-old Jenesis Johnson was called to the assistant principal’s office and told that her afro was “extreme,” “faddish” and “needed to be fixed.”