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Knowing when to stop

Summer’s Eve and their advertising company just do not get it. Please take a look at this relevant graph:

Once again, in case you missed it, you fucked up. You fucked up by making an ad that is both racist and sexist and by branding it as empowerment.

“What do you mean sexist? Racist, too?! I have black friends! Nothing is racist until I say it is!”

The article on AdWeek hits on a couple of good points, and contains a response (from the Richards Group, the advertising group employed by Summer’s Eve to make this campaign) to the backlash against the ads.

There is something to be said for advertising that does not default to representing clients as white (and that something is generally, “Great!”), so I can see how in some initial brainstorming session, someone said, “Let’s represent black and Latina clients in this campaign!” Presumably, that is when the Richards Group’s “in house multi-cultural experts confirmed the approach.”

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