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“The Life Zone:” Anti-Choice Horror Movie Is An Insult to Young People

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We know politicians regularly use fear tactics to advance their agendas, but what about Hollywood? A new blatantly anti-choice horror film, The Life Zone, is emerging as the summer’s worst movie. This film engages young people in a disrespectful way. Rather than appealing to our intelligence or capacity for nuanced ethical thinking, it uses blind fear to scare young people into being anti-choice:

Here is the trailer for the film, which is premiering at film festivals now and will be released conveniently around the 2012 Presidential elections.

In the movie, an old white man presides over three young girls who have been kidnapped for committing a great sin: choosing to have an abortion. They are then kept in a dungeon for the remaining seven months and forced to give birth.

The movie is essentially a campaign piece, trying to scare young people into adopting an anti-choice political view. The filmmaker, Kenneth Del Vecchio, just so happens to be a Republican candidate for the New Jersey State Senate, and the film will be released some time in the next year in the heat of the presidential campaign season.

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