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On my Soapbox NOPD Superintendent under investigation in Nashville for his tenure as chief there: misclassified sexual assault cases

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TW for sexual assault and cover-up.

[h/t to my very good friend: @statesidemenace]

You can file this under: why women don’t report sexual assaults.  When you see things like this, you think, “what’s the fucking point?”  When the police view your sexual assault as an inconvenience because it will mess up their crime statistics instead a problem that needs to be eradicated, what else can you think?


New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas‘ tenure as police chief in Nashville is under scrutiny amid recent revelations that the police department there is reclassifying hundreds of sexual assault reports.

The move comes after media reports that showed disparities in how reported crimes were calculated and questioned the claims of public safety officials about drops in crime.

Ironically, the new scrutiny of the way police in Nashville have treated sex crimes comes as Serpas is conducting a similar review of the way New Orleans police have handled such crimes before his arrival here as chief of police.

A recent report in The Tennessean newspaper highlighted the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s reclassification of nearly 400 sex crime reports.

The newspaper reported that the change bumped up by about 10 percent the number of sex crimes in recent years handled by the Nashville Police Department, which was led by Serpas from January 2004 ...

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