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Sexism, Alive and Well on the Internet

I frequent the site, which stands for Internet Movie Database. I love movies and it can be a great website to get information on upcoming films and whatnot, as well as movie showtimes in my area.

One feature that they have on the site is the Daily Poll. This is a feature where regular users suggest poll questions and each day they select a different one and people vote. Pretty simple. The questions are usually fun and harmless, like today was what was your favorite decade for Marlon Brando films.

Then there’s a comment section where you can either comment on the current poll or give suggestions for future poll questions. I always like to check that out because there are some fun ideas on there. That’s when I ran into this topic:

Suggestion: Most interesting to see female version of a classic man film”*

It’s worded a bit strangely but the idea is what classic “man film” would be the most interesting to see re-envisioned starring women? I personally thought this was a very interesting question indeed so I clicked on the topic. Bad idea. Anyone who thinks sexism is a thing of the past just need take a gander here (though I don’t know if you can see the link without having an imdb account).

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