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We love Spiderman too.

I’m a woman and I love reading graphic novels.

At this statement, many will display surprise and some might cringe. Some might even go to the extent of challenging my ‘love’ for comics/graphic novels. Why does it seem so unbelievable and out of the ordinary?

Recently, I brought a Spiderman poster and placed it in the center of my bedroom wall. This created series of bewilderment that spread itself in my family. They knew I read comics, but having a poster of Spiderman in the room? Now thats too much for them to swallow. This kind of behaviors and reactions from people makes me question why we have certain blocks in our mind that box us into believing that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. For if a 19 year old boy would have stuck a Marvel adoring picture on his bedroom wall, it would only be expected.

As humans, we are born into a society with pre-existing rules and regulations created by our ancestors. We are placed as a dot in this society and most of us dont bother questioning the norms. We simply live and learn to follow. What if a baby boy is made to wear pink? What if a young girl is being trained for martial combat? How about a day where the man of the house cooks,while the woman has a resting day? Some cultures than the others are more accepting towards these forms of life. Hailing from an Indian background, ...