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Blogging on street harassment: Sharing stories, spurring action

On Saturday, the homepage of CNN – the second most popular internet news outlet in America – featured a detailed piece on street harassment and sexual violence. All too often, the threat posed by street harassment is downplayed, referred to as a “compliment” or simply dismissed as just “how it is.” But CNN reporter Emily Smith recounts stories by two female bloggers that have recently gone viral – along with interviews with anti-street harassment experts Holly Kearl and Emily May – to challenge the idea that street harassment is trivial. The strength of Smith’s feature is not just that it emphasizes the gravity of street harassment, but also that it underscores the grassroots (!) power of women speaking out against it. Citing Kearl, Smith says that street harassment is a global problem that demands more attention. Her article goes on to show that women are doing just that – demanding attention.

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