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What Penn State really thinks about Feminism…

I am a feminist, and I really believe I have always been one. My parents raised my sisters and I to be independent, socially-aware, educated people, so I blame them for my recent, intense interest in Women’s Studies.

I’m a sophomore at Penn State and believed that we were a diverse, open-minded group of people before I started taking Sociology and Women’s Studies classes. Don’t get me wrong–I love Penn State, but I wasn’t aware that the majority of students here have absolutely no idea what Feminism is.

Check out this video to see what Penn Staters have to say about Feminism.

Done? Good. Let’s move on.

You have NO idea how hard it was for me to simply interview these people and not try to educate them that Feminism isn’t a bunch of man-haters. I wanted to tell them the real definition because I truly believe that if they did know what it was all about, they wouldn’t have been opposed to it.

What do you think the Feminist climate is like at your school?