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Ask Professor Foxy: How Do We Have A Threesome?

This week-end column “Ask Professor Foxy” will regularly contain sexually explicit material. This material is likely not safe for work viewing. The title of the column will include the major topic of the post, so please read the topic when deciding whether or not to read the entire column.

Dear Professor Foxy –

I am a mid-20’s woman in a monogamous relationship with a man of the same age. We’ve been dating for almost five years, and we have a great relationship and a good sex life. I am confident that we have a lifetime together ahead of us. However, ever since my early 20’s, I’ve been really interested in fooling around with another woman. I’m not questioning my bisexuality or anything – in fact, I’m not very interested in those kinds of labels, that’s not what this is about.

I think that the desire has been growing stronger lately. I find myself fantasizing about it, and getting extremely turned on, and I’d really like to try a threesome with my boyfriend and another woman. I’ve talked to him about it, and he’s interested, but cautious. He had a threesome with an ex-girlfriend and one of her friends, and in the end, it destroyed the friendship between the two girls because of his girlfriend’s jealousy. I’m not a jealous person at all, and he knows that. And besides, I’m not interested in inviting one of my friends to join us sexually; for one thing, none of my girlfriends are bisexual, and even if they ...

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