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On Escape

I recently finished Escape by Carolyn Jessop, which details her life in and eventual escape from the FLDS community led by Warren Jeffs.  My interest was partly a general interest in women’s issues, and partly because my family is descended from one of the early leaders of the Mormon church (no real believers though for a couple of generations) and I am probably distantly related to at least some of the people in that community.

I should note it is a pretty harrowing story, and those who are easily triggered might want to avoid it.

One of the things I found most interesting was  the practices she details that were used to keep her and the other women in line.

a) She was taught she was practically royal to have been born into the family she was, a favored child of God

b) Entering a polygamous marriage was God’s design for her, and the only means to salvation

c) Once in the marriage, pleasing her husband was the way to maintain that possibility of salvation

d) Access to money and transportation was restricted

e) Any misfortunes were her fault, for not being more submissive

f) She was misinformed about what would happen if she left, that there was no way she would get her children

g) The educational system was dismantled; little beyond religion is ever taught

h) A hint of even sexual interest outside marriage could be punished severely

I can see some parallels with tactics used in the mainstream world, though the ...