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“Get into a new vampire saga with a completely different twist.”

Thats the tagline of an advertisement I saw for a really shitty sounding new tv series… apparently its a musical too (?).

Heres the horrible Wikipedia article on it:

Why are so many new shows (not just stupid sounding, but) so misogynistic and stereotyped? Isn’t Hollywood supposed to be coming up with not super old and worn out storylines (of the dominant male character chasing after the hot but innocent chicks who are all submissive and don’t do much, and plus the sweet guy who actually cares about the hot but innocent chicks and will come gallantly to her rescue).

Okay, its an I-tunes series. I don’t know what that means, but I guess its like a TV series… that’s why I tagged it television, I don’t know… But still, its offensive, and to an idiotic degree. 

It was the 19th century that Engels wrote The Origin of the Family and etc… and women’s suffrage was what, 80-90 years ago, and the women’s lib movement was 50 years ago. Isn’t it about time that people get it into their heads that women aren’t weak, helpless and hapless virgins with large tits and need a male to complete/save them? 




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