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The Vatican Has Awakened a Sleeping Giant: Nuns Fighting to Protect the Poor


A SYTYCB entry

Back in April the Vatican accused the largest group of nuns, who are a part of The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) of promoting “radical feminist themes” incompatible with the Catholic “faith”, “corporate dissent” and going against the teaching of the church, like supporting abortion, birth control, same-sex-relationships and women into priesthood.   After being told this, the LCWR began to rise up and fight back, asking to dialog with the Vatican.

This should come as no surprise to the Vatican. From being educated in catholic school my memory of nuns of being no nonsense yet compassionate people toward those in need as well as so sacrificing. These women have committed their lives to God and the church by giving up for those who most need them by living in disadvantage areas. They are very educated women who serve as nurses, physicians, teaches and lawyers providing services of love by giving all their earnings to the church.

Sister Pat Farrell, the president of the LCWR stated at a news conference that she was expecting the dialog with Vatican would create more possibilities for women to have a voice in the church.

As a result of the Vatican attempting silence the nuns and keeping them in their place, another group of nuns were in an up rise. This group led a “Nuns On A Bus Tour” to bring awareness to the effects of what the Republican propose budget would have on ...

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