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Feministing at 10: it seems like everyone you know is a doula

Ed. note: In celebration of Feministing’s 10-year anniversary, current and former members of the Feministing crew are offering their reflections on the changes of the last decade. Here is a take on the growth of the doula movement from editor emeritus Miriam Perez. Read the whole series here. And consider giving us a birthday donation to ensure Feministing is around for another 10 years. 

My first ever guest post on Feministing was about being a radical doula, and it predated my Radical Doula blog and almost all of the writing I’ve done. So it makes sense that when the Feministing crew asked me to reflect on the past decade, I would choose the doula movement.

I wrote that post in 2007, but 2004, when Feministing was in its infancy, was also when I was just beginning my journey toward doula work. I was a college student and I learned about the critiques of our maternity care system in a college course through the documentary Born in the USA. It was one of those rare moments when you know so clearly that something just changed your life forever. That’s how I felt walking out of that class, and how much of a fire the politics of pregnancy and birth lit in me.

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