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There’s No Place Like Home

I have noticed recurring theme in children’s films I haven’t really thought about until recently. I’ve always noticed, as I’m sure you have, that you’d be hard-pressed to find a children’s movie with a female lead that doesn’t involve a wedding. Or one with a female lead that doesn’t need saving from a man. Or one with a female lead who isn’t being abused or dominated at the start of the story. But some films star a little girl who’s too young to get married! She’s usually pretty bored with her ordinary life, and finds herself embarking on an exciting journey. One that usually leads young girls to the same conclusion. An underlying theme with the old moral : There’s no place like home.

In Coraline , the title’s character finds a new world through a tiny door in her boring new house. Everything is better there. The food, the parents, the garden… it’s all very exciting. Until things happen, and she has to fight to get home. And ultimately comes to the conclusion that she never realized how much she loved her boring house, inattentive parents and generally un-exciting life.

In Alice in Wonderland , Alice takes a tumble into a strange new place. Finds herself in a world of trouble, and just like Coraline, struggles to get back to simplicity.

The same goes for Wendy in Peter Pan. In the midst of her taking on the Mother role, she also is convinced that ...

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