I am an Australian student studying in Germany. I have only really experienced feminist awakening this past year. Thanks to this great blog I have expanded my feminist prism and vocabulary to include concepts such as 'inter-sectionality' and 'the patriarchy'.

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Wtf is a gender card?

You would think that having the country’s top two positions occupied by women would reduce the sexist vitriol faced by women in Australia (Prime Minister and Governor General, YES we are still a part of the Commonwealth, so I suppose that makes 3).

But some pretty shitty things have happened on the island recently;

Howard Sattler (think Rush Limbaugh) grilled the prime minister, Julia Gillard, about her partner’s sexuality. He was then fired, thank goodness. At a fundraiser for the opposing party, a menu was published listing “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – small breasts, huge thighs, and a big red box” as a main. Some idiot made a big deal about the Prime Minister’s (photoshopped) cleavage. Yes, she is a woman. Women have breasts. The coach of the national women’s soccer team said, “Women should shut up in public”.

Which brings me to my next point. If the experiences of Adria Richards, Laurie Penny, Lindy West or Anita Sarkeesian are anything to go by, feminists should just shut the fuck up.

For if one does complain about the overwhelming oppression in her everyday life, she, when not immediately threatened with sexual violence, is now seen as ‘playing the gender card’.

After scratching my head for a few moments, I came up with this: it’s either a magical card you can pull when you need a time out from somebody’s sexist bullshit or you can use it to give misogynists papercuts. Fortunately columnist

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