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A feminist misunderstanding

I actually started my search on google with the terms “what to tell people when they ask you about feminism.”

I thought I could possibly get a concise, simple answer that I sometimes am too flabbergasted to come up with. When someone asks me about feminism, I try to be understanding. However, I just can’t get into one more conversation involving:

“Do you let men open doors for you?”

Yes. I live in Texas and find it to be a symbol of friendliness and respect, not the swooshing sound of my rights being taken away.

“So, you have a boyfriend…what does he think?”

Sigh. I’m sure if you are reading this, I do not need to explain the answer to this one.

I just wanted some all encompassing sentence that would say “I believe women should be treated equally to men in every aspect of society and culture.” Wait…hey! I think I just found my sentence.

I’m slightly off topic now but wanted to share a blood boiling blog I found 5 search results down: The Feminism Shit Test.

I honestly searched around the blog for a while hoping it was a joke. Alas, I found no such clues. It basically summarizes what men should say to women when they are asked: “What do you think of feminism?”

The answers I found include such gems as:

“feminism is a form of psychological warfar designed to psychologically nueter both sexes – men are emasculated and taught to think and behave like women while ...