Katherine Cross

Katherine Cross is sociologist and Ph.D student at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City specialising in research on online harassment and gender in virtual worlds. She is also a sometime video game critic and freelance writer, in addition to being active in the reproductive justice movement. She loves opera and pizza.

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Actually, it's about ethics in affordable dining.

A virtual room of one’s own: Why GamerGate hates crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not a panacea to the economic inequities of the world; but if GamerGate is any guide, it’s certainly a devil of some sort. In the tangled thread of gendered pathologies that this three-month long yarnball of fury has gathered lies the movement’s shocking antipathy to crowdfunding, with one twitter user sneering that it was “welfare for hipsters.”

A few days ago, I had occasion to share a dinner with game developer Brianna Wu (read my interview with her here), which she then tweeted about. Almost immediately, men from GamerGate descended, sneeringly asking whether Patreon or Kickstarter had paid for the dinner (not, apparently, fully understanding how crowdfunding works). When I snarked that the Illuminati had actually picked up the tab, another gentleman skated in to tut tut me for not taking the inquiry seriously, accusing Ms. Wu and myself of failing to act professionally. It was, after all, about ethics in games journalism

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