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Dear Mr. Macfarlane

*Trigger warning*

I wrote a letter to Seth Macfarlane today (creator of Family Guy/American Dad/Ted) arguing that rape jokes shouldn’t be thrown in to his TV shows because of how it contributes to “rape culture”. Feel free to write comments I’m trying to edit it before I send it off to him. (Seriously, I found his address and I’m sending him this letter).

Dear Mr. Macfarlane,

My name is Kaitlyn Humphrey and I am a huge fan of your work. Stewie, Brian, and Rodger are my favorite characters on TV right now, and 5.6 million other people seem to agree. Your work is brilliant. Ted is also one of my top movies and my youtube is always pulling up new interviews or (singing) performances you’ve done. I’m a huge fan, but lately I just have this one honest question that wont leave my mind and I just had to ask. What’s with all the random rape jokes?

Before you toss this letter out, please know I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I’m not just writing to you in the heat of the moment. I’m calm, so please hear me out.

After seeing so many random splices of rape scenes in your TV shows I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I literally just can’t figure out why they get tossed in there. None of them ever have any real significance in the story line or character development, and none of them are funny on their own. They ...