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Resisting violence and practicing what we preach

As I was leaving “Preventing Violence, Promoting Justice,” the first ever summit organized by Sakhi for South Asian Women (an anti-domestic violence organization based in New York City that focuses on South Asian communities), I witnessed a young couple (both were people of color) arguing in the street. The young man was in the woman’s face aggressively yelling and cussing at her. This was not a mere lover’s quarrel. I remember what that’s like and my body tensed. The day’s discussions about structural oppression, supporting abuse survivors, and detaching from outcomes flashed through my mind as I figured out how to respond.

I stood back and watched the couple’s interaction, and looked around at passersby who would stare but kept walking. Though I wanted to ask the sister if she was okay, I was afraid…and then I felt ashamed for being scared. It’s New York City and people are unpredictable. I’m 5’3 and not very large in stature but I started to size up the dude to see if I could take him just in case something popped off (I swear I’m 6’2 and 250 lbs in my head). I only saw another man of color stop and watch; we locked eyes in an eerie unspoken solidarity.

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