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Women in video games – Metroid: Other M

So, when Metroid: Other M came out I was excited because Metroid is a great video game series with one of the most bad ass female lead characters ever.  And, she is not objectified as being only a sex object.  I didn’t think that’s too much to ask for, and for the most part, this series proves that it is not too much to ask for.

I’ve loved all of the previous games and was initially worried about team ninja’s involvement. (Since they are notorious for the objectification of women in dead or alive.)  But, since it came out, I’ve seen lots of it, and I don’t see anything wrong with the game.  For me that’s a success, not only is the game good, but they didn’t go and fuck up one of my favorite characters so they can have a sales boost from gape jawed men.  So, all is fine and well, right?  Nope.