Stephanie Wain

I am a filmmaker, a feminist and a sister songwriter. I love Nutella and getting into arguments with republicans who pretend to understand the term poverty line. I believe in the power of our own voices and I know that we can make a difference if we try.

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How deep is too deep?

This was the exact question I was wondering as I sat in the Lehigh student section, reading this Lehigh University fan’s t-shirt. The picture details a Lehigh Eagle with his pants around his ankles, engaging in forced copulation with Lafayette University’s school mascot the leopard. Unfortunately, it was not the only one that I saw.

Coming from a university whose Jean Clery rape case of 1986 became the catalyst for the Clery Act, it was a shocker to see rape as a logo on some of the Lehigh student’s t-shirts at the rival Lehigh vs. Lafayette game this past Saturday.

I couldn’t stand it. I spoke with the game’s security, the university police and eventually Lafayette’s security coordinator standing in the bleachers to see if there was some sort of protocol to ask the students to remove their t-shirts.

I was told that the most anyone could do was keep a look out for student’s with the shirt and then ask them to remove the shirt, but only if they had something underneath it. No one asked me if I could locate the students with the t-shirts. I went back to my seat frustrated, feeling that sexual violence and discrimination was not taken seriously.

On my way back to the bleachers, I ran into another student wearing the shirt. I asked him where he got the shirt. He said that a bunch of students got the shirt last year by a student run organization that had an ...