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Being single, godless, and a feminist in Texas: a thank you note

I wouldn’t be the first person in a room to espouse the positive aspects of being in a relationship. A lot of my friends would actually tell me that I’m the person who would first bring up why relationships are time-wasters (who can write papers, attend school, work, and have a social life while trying to love somebody? Kudos to all of you who can! But not me.) and generally not as important as society gives them credit for. But lately I’ve had some conversations with friends about how awesome it is to have someone there for you – someone who challenges you, advocates for you, and is devoted to loving you.

I’ve realized a bit how having a loving relationship with someone can be a huge help when life seems a little too wild or you feel like everyone’s ganging up on you. This is a terrifying (but I think, healthy) admission.

In the same way I’m becoming more jealous of people who are in positive relationships, I have always been jealous of people of faith. A friend once asked me why I didn’t believe in much and I told her that it was because to do otherwise would be to lie to myself about how I feel. I went on to try to explain to her, though, how profoundly jealous of her faith I am and how she should embrace and nourish her faith because it is quite an amazing thing. An amazing thing that ...

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