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5 rape prevention tips (for guys)

1. Every guy is a potential rapist – including you. This sounds like utter bullshit, right? I mean, you’re a good guy, you aren’t hiding in the bushes or lurking down some dark alley to jump out and force sex on a woman. Part of the problem is that most rapes aren’t the violent stranger-rape type. Many cases of sexual assault happen in cases where the perpetrator doesn’t think what he’s doing is rape. You may think you’re being daring and confident when you go in for a kiss – the girl on the other end may feel like you’re forcing yourself on her and be legitimately scared for her safety. You may think you’re being coy by putting your arm up in front of the door and saying, “how about a kiss?” – the girl may feel like you’re seriously blocking her from leaving. What you intend doesn’t matter in comparison to how she feels about it.

Moreover, you can’t take it personally if a girl is guarded or suspicious about you, especially when you first meet. She should regard you as a potential threat, and act accordingly. Don’t make it obvious how much she hurt a nice guy’s feelings because she wouldn’t get in your car or come up to your room to check out your Jurassic park action figure collection (even if you had the purest of intent) – be understanding and encourage her to put her safety over being nice. ...