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Enjoying A Night With the Male Strippers: What’s the Difference?

*Be Kind. This is my first post!!!*

This past Saturday, I received word that a traveling group of male strippers were in town.  After much deliberation, the BFF and I decided to pay a visit to the bar which was hosting this group. We bought a ticket and prepared ourselves for the show, after an hour or so of mingling with friends and the dancers themselves, the show was about to begin.  I was one of those women in the crowd screaming till my voice was hoarse with excitement, and with city by-laws prohibiting the dancers from performing the Full Monty, everyone wanted to see more and we only got louder and more excited when they would tease us.  I had a great time just like all the other spectators.

This is my quandary, is there a difference between men and women in the profession of stripping?  Do some feminists who condemn sex work as degrading to women, feel the same way when men are the workers and women are the clients?  Can one group have it better in this industry or is it the same?  I don’t know how to approach this.