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This past week, I’ve been asked the same question by three different sources, phrased three different ways, requiring three different (but ultimately the same) responses.

I thought, given that I’m so *passionate* about the issue-at-hand, I would address it here. So what is the question, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, I’m about to go there, anyway…

Earlier this week, a close friend inquired, much to my surprise, “why women?” Huh, I thought?WHY WOMEN? “Why are you interested in women, specifically?” She questioned. “Why not human beings more generally?”

Later in the week, the question was once again put forth in a job application: “Tell us more about your commitment to feminist principles.”

And this morning, I woke up to find a “mention” on my twitter page: “@CulturalCurator, what issues and social causes are you passionate about?”

There it was again!!! Right there in my face. ProbingBegging me to think about it. Waiting for a response. So I’ll answer the question, here and now, once and for all. Or… at least I’ll try to.

What issues and social causes are you interested in? Easy. Women’s and girl’s rights, gender equality, and civic engagement.

Speak to my feminist principles? Well, I’ve always been a feminist, since I was a young girl. It even says so in my Grade 8 yearbook. Last Will and Testament: ”A Feminist Protest Sign”. Ok, I added the “feminist” part in, but you get the picture. It also said I was most likely to become an “aspiring actress”. So far, that’s been a no-go. What did my Grade 8 peers reallyknow, anyway? As it turns out, a lot…

I’m not ...