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A Letter of Thanks

This is a sort of therapeutic letter I wrote but never sent to the girl who reported the man who molested us.  I don’t know how to get in touch with her, and I can’t be sure she’d appreciate it if I did, but I thought I would share this as a sort of tribute to all of the other kids who did what she did.

Dear. J.

It has been a while since we have met.  It was long ago when we last met and we were both children.  I am writing this because I just wanted thank you for saving my life.  You probably did not even know you had, but you did.

When you told how you had been molested by our grandfather and the shockwaves rippled through the family, I believed you.  How could I not, when he did something very similar to me?  When my mother sat me down and asked me after you told, the amount of power he had over me, my mom, and my siblings went rushing through my head.  As I faced the reality of what had happened, truly confronting it for the first time, I panicked and lied.  After that “no” slipped from my lips, I felt regret wash through me as I heard my mother’s relieved sigh.  But it was out and it was done, I felt like I couldn’t take it back.  So I stayed silent and I watched.  As I sat there, a ...

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