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David Mitchell on Burqa Bans

I knew I loved David Mitchell for good reason, British comedian and actor (Peep Show, Mitchell and Webb, various comedy programs in the UK) who also bears a striking resemblance to Elena Kagan. Here’s the  best response to the Burqa controversy in France and the UK that I’ve seen.

Best Part-

There’s altogether too much harping on respect and banning these days. If you can’t respect something, you should ban it. If it’s not banned, you should respect it. Bullshit. There is a huge gulf of toleration between respect and banning. In a free society, people should be allowed to do what they want wherever possible. The loss of liberty incurred by any alternative principle is too high a price to pay to stop people making dicks of themselves. But, if people are using their freedoms to make dicks of themselves, other people should be able to say so.

David Mitchell’s Burqa article

I agree 100% with David Mitchell. But what do you think? Has the middle ground in debates disappeared, and are we only left with two extreme choices?