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The recent violence and the normalization of whiteness

The one thing that I do not see being discussed in the mainstream media, that says something about the normalization of whiteness, is how the shooters in Colorado and Wisconsin are being framed as mentally ill, rather than being racialized. The use of language in this way very clearly defines these barbaric incidents as NON-racial, so that people can still hold on to favorable ideals and beliefs about people who are white, while individualizing these incidents as an anomaly in order not hold all white people accountable. The fact of the matter is, however, if the shooters had been a person of color, much of their violent acts and hatred would have been attributed to their race.

This process seems so complete to me that even when the argument of nonracialization of the ethnically white is brought up there is a strong backlash against it. People often say that by making such statements it is giving the perpetrator too much attention. This never happens when people of color are politicized and or racialized. In those cases where criminals (whom are people of color) are racialized, that racialization is used as justifications to limit opportunities of people of color,  increase their regulation, and absolve any attempts at retaliatory “justice”.

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