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We’re at a loss for words. We’ve gone back and forth over what to say today, and can’t seem to land on anything comforting in this moment. 

For so many marginalized folks, four years of Trump means four (more) years of fighting for basic human rights. We are tired, and continue to be under resourced. Let’s be clear: people of color, queer and trans people, immigrants, Muslims, women, and folks with disabilities are extremely vulnerable right now. The most important thing right now is to show up, commit to their work, and if you’re able, support them.

Fellow feminists, especially White women, we have work to do. Join us.


Private prison stocks are surging after Trump’s win. For 30 years, Grassroots Leadership has been on the ground fighting the private prison and detention industry. They’ll now be doing so in an even harsher climate.

The South Asian Organizing Center (formerly Desis Rising Up and Moving) is a multigenerational, membership led organization of low-wage immigrant and Muslim workers and youth. These are the communities Trump made it clear he will go after first.

Youth from the Standing Rock Reservation are running to California, where they will continue their work raising awareness to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline. Support them.

The Transgender Law Center has taken on Mike Pence’s anti-queer laws. Invest in them.

The Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP) works to end the detention and deportation of refugee women and children in the U.S. You can donate to them here.

Young people are our most important safeguard. Invest in student organizing by donating to Know Your IX, a survivor- and youth-led organization working to end sexual violence and harassment in schools.

Southerners on New Ground (SONG) is a regional queer liberation organization made up of POC, immigrants, undocumented people, people with disabilities, working class and rural and small town, LGBTQ people in the South. Support them here.

The National Latina Reproductive Health Institute is the only national reproductive justice organization dedicated to serving Latinas. Donate here.

Trump’s proposed border wall will inevitably lead to an increase in migrant deaths in the desert. No More Deaths is a humanitarian organization based in Tucson that is committed to stopping the deaths of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border. Donate here.

​California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) is the only Latina led statewide reproductive justice organization in California. CLRJ has led efforts to repeal racist, sexist policies and expand abortion access in rural areas of the state – work that will be crucial under a Trump presidency. You can donate to their work here.

Senti’s org, Sakhi for South Asian Women, is a women of color led organization that supports immigrant, undocumented, Muslim, and low-income survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They have already had clients come in to and call our office deeply afraid as soon as this morning asking how the Trump decision will affect them and their children. Support them.


Bay Area, California

Juliana is a digital storyteller for social change. As a writer at Feministing since 2013, her work has focused on women's movements throughout the Americas for environmental justice, immigrant rights, and reproductive justice. In addition to her writing, Juliana is a Senior Campaigner at, where she works to close the gap between the powerful and everyone else by supporting people from across the country to launch, escalate and win their campaigns for justice.

Juliana is a Latina feminist writer and campaigner based in the Bay Area.

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