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The Mississippi Senate has passed a “religious liberty” bill which would remove the state government’s ability to prevent organizations from discriminating against people for being LGBT. 

Read more about Berta Cáceres’ fight against megadams and the struggle that continues throughout Latin America after her death.

Why the abortion pill’s new labeling is beneficial to women everywhere.

A love letter to the singular they.

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Bay Area, California

Juliana is a digital storyteller for social change. As a writer at Feministing since 2013, her work has focused on women's movements throughout the Americas for environmental justice, immigrant rights, and reproductive justice. In addition to her writing, Juliana is a Senior Campaigner at Change.org, where she works to close the gap between the powerful and everyone else by supporting people from across the country to launch, escalate and win their campaigns for justice.

Juliana is a Latina feminist writer and campaigner based in the Bay Area.

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