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Video of the Day: Set It Off (The Cypher) is Black Girl Brilliance

I couldn’t think of a better way to start Black History Month, than with a group of Black girl MC’s from Chicago dropping knowledge and bars. ???

If you think that Black women are not an integral part of hip-hop at every level, you’re late. These dope women offer an oft overlooked glimpse into the talent that is female MC’s. Not only are they particularly skilled at assembling rhythmic prose, Set It Off (The Cypher) reveals their commitment to critiquing BLASTING interlocking systems of power and oppression. With DJ Lisa Decibel providing the track, these Black girls embrace everything from spirituality to racism and queer pride.

Here are some of my favorite lines, in order of appearance.

From Freddie Old School (@FreddieFarted): “You overweight and this survival of fittest. No offense to big women. I like em thick, and the way they move they bodies when they full off confidence.”

From J Bambii (@Oprah_Gucci): “And when freestyle serves as a meditation, hit the Cardi B. laugh. Yall just entertainment.”

From Brittney (@_BrittneyCarter): “I heard through the grapevine that the world mine. Like them Cherokee Indians: land mine. Yo I’m just tryna blow, land mine. Tell Christopher Columbus this land mine!”

From EssieL (@EssieIsARapper): “Menace to society because of dykery but I been chasing women since my diapers stink and hide and seek.”

From Syd Shaw (@AfroSydtricity): “We don’t die we multiply. Somebody tell em queen arrived.”

From Bella Bahhs (@BellaBahhs): “Misogyny just died and I’m the culprit. This the eulogy. Puttin it under 6 feet. Honorary pallbearers so we came six deep.”



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