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Quote of the Day: We are “destroying” our “white culture” with abortions

The 1920’s were in full effect at a Florida state House subcommittee meeting on Monday where an anti-abortion activist insisted that “white culture” is being destroyed because white women are “outside the home, not having babies.” The House Criminal Justice subcommittee discussed HB 865, which would essentially ban all abortions except in cases where the health of the mother was at risk and could punish anyone who performs abortions or operates an abortion clinic with up to 30 years in prison.

In support of this legislation, the activist in question went on a rant about the moral obligations of lawmakers to act in accordance of his interpretation of the Bible’s views on family and children. He also thinks the fact that the United States is “so fat and sick” is evidence that we are “under judgement.” His final statement was “It’s either repent or perish America. That’s the way it is.”

But what stood out the most was this activist’s not-so-subtle dive into eugenics thinking when he made the bold claim that the United States is a “white culture” and is under attack when white women are choosing not to carry their pregnancies to term. To make his point, he said: “The Muslims, they don’t kill their babies,” and the Mexican race “is through the breeding of having families, children.”

If you think these are just the ramblings of an extreme religious fanatic that don’t hold much weight, you should know that the subcommittee passed the bill 8-3.

Watch the video below.

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