Join Feministing + Planned Parenthood Generation for an #ActNoMatterWhat Twitter Chat

NOTE: This post is sponsored by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Planned Parenthood, a world leader in providing reproductive health care services to the communities who need them the most, is ending quite the year.

In September the organization rallied over 29 million people in support of reproductive health care on Pink Out Day. Those kinds of numbers mean something. It means that even when a Republican-led Senate pushed a bill to stop Medicaid patients from getting care at Planned Parenthood, again; even when anti-abortion extremists released a series of heavily-edited videos in a smear campaign suggesting that they illegally sell fetus tissue; and even when anti-abortion domestic terrorists target them and take lives in the process, people demand access to sexual and reproductive health care, no matter what. Attacks on reproductive health care are occurring at an alarming rate, and as the leading advocate for this healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood Action Fund knows exactly how important these issues are in people’s lives. And it’s not just Planned Parenthood and abortion providers. Hateful rhetoric and violence has been used against Black people, communities of color, immigrants, refugees, the LGBTQ and transgender community and other communities. And in the face of these attacks, Planned Parenthood Action Fund is headed into 2016 with one question: What should they #ActNoMatterWhat on?

Currently, Planned Parenthood Action Fund is holding Action Forums events across the country with supporters and activists to help build a robust and diverse policy agenda to inform their work going into 2016 and beyond. Their goal is simple: ensure we will have a policy agenda that centers and reflects the leading issues of the people we serve going into the 2016 legislative season and election cycle. And this includes YOU! Feministing is proud to be a site that uplifts the voices of young people and is committed to doing so in a way that is diverse, critical, and sometimes snarky. We are partnering with Planned Parenthood Generation Action, the youth organizing hub of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, to host an #ActNoMatterWhat Twitter chat. At 6PM EST on Wednesday, December 16 we will be asking you, and other supporters of reproductive and sexual health, to share your top issues going into the 2016 election cycle.

Marginalized communities, including young people, queer and trans folks, and Black people are often the most affected by legislation and policies, and so it our voices that should be heard the loudest in the upcoming election and in advocacy and lobbying fights. In today’s digital age, we know that there is no better place to pop off about what matters to us than on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting from @feministing and @PPGenAction on Wednesday, December 16, so get ready to turn your trigger fingers into Twitter fingers and join us to talk about our issues and why they matter!

Feministing's resident "sexpert", Sesali is a published writer and professional shit talker. She is a queer Black girl, fat girl, and trainer. She was the former Training Director at the United States Student Association and later a member of the Youth Organizing team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She received her bachelors in Women's and Gender Studies from Depaul University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a master's in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta. A self identified "trap" feminist, and trained with a reproductive justice background, her interests include the intersections of feminism and: pop culture, youth culture, social media, hip hop, girlhood, sexuality, race, gender, and Beyonce. Sesali joined the team in 2010 as one of the winners of our So You Think You Can Blog contest.

is Feministing's resident sexpert and cynic.

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