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New art project tells us why climate change is a justice issue

Climate justice is social justice. That’s easy enough to say, but considering the not-undeserved reputation of the environmental movement as the provence of latte-sipping, composting, affluent white people, organizers and the public both can lose this core message. 

The truth, of course, is that environmental change wreaks havoc on communities already marginalized — and it’s for precisely this reason that lawmakers often ignore it. As the climate changes, vulnerable communities suffer. And the  racist, capitalist forces fucking up the environment are precisely those oppressing communities of color and economically marginalized communities across the world.

Shit’s dire. But there is — as there always must be — hope. Because the climate justice movement is filled with incredible marginalized voices. Case in point: CultureStrike and Justseed Artists’ Cooperatives’ powerful new project focusing on — and resisting — the effects of climate change on vulnerable communities.

In addition to this rad video featuring “Climate Change Warriors” of color explaining why climate justice is an intersectional issue — and a damn urgent one at that — “We Are the Storm” is a series of prints tackling climate change and race, migration, and economic injustice — and an exhibit that those in the Oakland area can go check out! Twenty two other social and environmental justice orgs are collaborating on the project, and the exhibition will be shown at the 2015 Climate Summit in Paris. Cool!

Check out all this and more on CultureStrike’s Facebook page!

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