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Mizzou football team strikes in solidarity with student protests against president

By now, the news of the Missouri Tigers football team going on strike in solidarity with their Black classmates has enraptured the internet. The student protests are calling for the resignation of the university’s president for his inaction against racism on campus. 

During a tumultuous fall, Wolfe has been unresponsive to a series of racial harassment incidents — including the hurling of racial slurs towards the Legion of Black Collegians homecoming court and the drawing of a swastika using human feces — in addition to cutting the graduate student healthcare program and revoking the privileges necessary for Planned Parenthood to operate (which were reinstated following student action). On October 20th, Concerned Student 1950, a student activist organization on campus, issued a list of demands calling for the Wolfe’s resignation, the hiring of additional faculty of color, and more investment in counseling services, among other things. In response to ongoing problems and lack of effective administrative action, Jonathon Butler, a Black graduate student, began a hunger strike on November 2nd. His demands is simple: remove President Tim Wolfe.

For the past week, Butler’s story and that of the struggles at the university have been gaining steam. Over the weekend, however, a glaring spotlight was shined on the school after the Mizzou football team declared they would strike in solidarity with Butler, a decision that has been backed by the head coach.

In addition to the football team, lawmakers have called for Wolfe’s resignation, and Black faculty have issued a letter of solidarity.

For the full list of events, see The Maneater’s timeline.

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Katie Barnes is a pop-culture obsessed activist and writer.

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