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Meet Screet, a feminist sexual health app

Created as a part of the 2015 StartupBus competition, Screet is a project in progress that will provide on-demand discreet delivery of supplies for sexual health and safer sex. With Screet’s mobile app and website, users will be able to place an order for safe sex supplies with the ease of a button. 

According to Screet co-founder Creatrix Tiara, the start-up was inspired “after noticing that there were apps for on-demand condoms but not on-demand Plan B, or anything related to the sexuality of non-cis non-men and noticing the sheer amount of support from other women and gender minorities, especially the LGBTQ community, who wish to see such an app happen.”

Screet, and other apps like it, demonstrate the exciting innovation that happens when tech start-ups place feminist goals, such as inclusive sexual health, at the center of their mission rather than wait to incorporate these themes later down the product life-line. Hopefully the continued success of this young start-up will inspire other founders, engineers, investors, and users that tech and feminism go along together rather than just ‘leaning-in.’

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Screet team’s presentation on the Start-Up Bus America on the live-stream.

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Suzanna Bobadilla is a writer, activist, and digital strategist. According to legend, she first publicly proclaimed that she was a feminist at the age of nine in her basketball teammate's mini-van. Things have obviously since escalated. After graduating from Harvard in 2013, she became a founding member of Know Your IX's ED ACT NOW. She is curious about the ways feminists continue to use technology to create social change and now lives in San Francisco. She believes that she has the sweetest gig around – asking bad-ass feminists thoughtful questions for the publication that has taught her so much. Her views, bad jokes and all, are her own. For those wondering, if she was stranded on a desert island and had to bring one food, one drink, and one feminist, she would bring chicken mole, a margarita, and her momma.

Suzanna Bobadilla is a writer, activist, and digital strategist.

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