Photo of the Day: The Lego women on the Supreme Court


In honor of International Women’s Day, Maia Weinstock, a deputy editor at MIT News, created this awesome “Legal Justice League” custom LEGO set celebrating the four female US Supreme Court Justices. 

Weinstock apparently submitted the set to LEGO Ideas, but was rejected because they have a “no politics or political symbols” rule. (I suppose they’re forgiven for believing that SCOTUS is political, though it’s technically not supposed to be.)

If you want to see this set become a reality so you can have your own mini Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Elena Kagan, ask LEGO to reconsider here.

St. Paul, MN

Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director in charge of Editorial at Feministing. She is the author of the forthcoming book Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick (HarperOne, March 2018). She has been a fellow at Mother Jones magazine and a columnist at Pacific Standard. Before become a full-time writer, she worked at the National Institute for Reproductive Health. A Minnesota native, she received her B.A. from Carleton College in 2008.

Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Editorial.

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