A feminist guide to getting through finals, Beyonce style

Before any of us students can enjoy the holiday season — or even notice that the Starbucks cups are now red — we have to cross the tumultuous terrain that is finals week. And it sucks. But never fear, Beyonce is here. 

Here is a feminist guide to getting through finals week the Beyonce way. And if you aren’t a student or have already finished finals, I envy you. But enjoy these Beyonce gifs anyway.

We all know that finals can be a really isolating time. While other people are going on with their normal day, you’re in the library (or Starbucks) feeling like:

But it’s ok. There are definitely some feminist methods to to keep this madness in check. Ready?

First thing’s first. Keep a positive attitude. You are much more equipped to make it to the other side of finals when you’re feeling confident in your ability to get the job done.

Get organized! Prioritize your workload, double check your deadlines, and create a good playlist.

If you can, make sure you’re getting enough rest.

And keep snacks on deck at all times!

Never forget the snacks.

Now concentrate. Try to avoid eye contact with any distractions that may be in the general vicinity.

But if you’re work load is anything like mine, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed and overtaken by a sudden feeling of “fuck all of this.”

But relax. Take a deep breath. It’s probably just time for a break.

Try to make time for friends…


or to cuddle up with your boo.

If none of your loved ones are near, you might just need to take a moment to meditate.

As long as you’re ready to get back in the game.

And remember, even the Queen falls short sometimes.

But you got this.

Just imagine how you’re going to feel when you’re done.

And when this semester is finally behind you, you and your friends can celebrate together.

So good luck and revel in the fact that it’s almost over!

Feministing's resident "sexpert", Sesali is a published writer and professional shit talker. She is a queer Black girl, fat girl, and trainer. She was the former Training Director at the United States Student Association and later a member of the Youth Organizing team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She received her bachelors in Women's and Gender Studies from Depaul University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a master's in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta. A self identified "trap" feminist, and trained with a reproductive justice background, her interests include the intersections of feminism and: pop culture, youth culture, social media, hip hop, girlhood, sexuality, race, gender, and Beyonce. Sesali joined the team in 2010 as one of the winners of our So You Think You Can Blog contest.

is Feministing's resident sexpert and cynic.

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