Actually, it’s about ethics in games journalism

Calvin puts nails in the coffee table. Calvin's mom: Calvin! What are you doing to the coffee table? Calvin: This is about ethics in games journalism

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GamerGate is a campaign of sexist, bigoted harassment. This much is painfully clear through its actions. And yes, it’s actions that we judge, not claims that “Actually, it’s about ethics in journalism,” which GamerGaters throw out like a Pavlovian response whenever they’re called on their movement’s abusive behavior. Now, GamerGater’s ethics claims are being treated exactly how they deserve: by being turned into a meme that perfectly sends up this tired line.

Some of my favorite images from the meme after the jump (not that it’s even possible to choose favorites), plus a couple of my own shamelessly thrown in cause I’m a geek like that.

Actually it's about ethics in videogames journalism. Great white sharks oppose eating boats. I already reported that other shark to the coast guard. You probably bit yourself in half.

Old movie still of woman tied to train tracks while villainous man looks on. Actually, my dear, it's about ethics in game journalism.


From the All About That Bass music video. It's all about that bass. Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism.

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Darth Helmet: Actually... it's about ethics in games journalism


Moses from The Ten Commandments. Actually it's all about ethics in video games journalism


The Battlestar Galactica last supper promo image. Number Six: Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism. Adama: So say we all. Tigh: Frak


Wheel of Fortune. Category: Actually, it's about. Answer: TH CS  N GAM JOURNAL SM


Stills from Blade Runner. Deckard: You're reading a magazine, you come across a full-page nude photo of a girl. Rachel: Is this testing whether I'm a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard? Deckard: Actually it's about ethics in games journalism.

Via. (I love this one but haven’t found the original source. If anyone knows who made this, please do share the link in the comments.)

Angelus killing Jenny. "Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism."

I made this one.

The nerd troika from Buffy. Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism

And this one, too.

Sephiroth kill scene from Final Fantasy. Sephiroth: Actually it's about ethics in games journalism


Thank you Mario! But it's actually about ethics in games journalism


So many more at that link and this link and all over the interwebs.


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