Who on the Hill is making transphobic Wikipedia edits?

The internet can do some cool things. For example: @CongressEdits automatically posts every time someone using a Capitol Hill IP addresses changes an entry. On the 18th, the bot posted about two changes to trans-related pages by someone on a House computer:

Unsurprisingly (unless you have a hell of a lot of misplaced faith in Congress), the edits were hateful. One added to the Gender Identity Disorder a note on “Species dysphoria, a similar disorder where people think they are a different species than they actually are rather than a different gender than they actually are.” And the other edited the  Transphobia page, writing that “Vice magazine cofounder Gavin McInnes desribes transphobia as a perfectly natural response to someone pretending to be something that they are not,” with a link to McInnes’ now-removed awful Thought Catalog piece

This, friends, is what our tax payer dollars are spent on.

Both additions have since been removed, but I wonder if any internet sleuths can track down from which representatives’ office these edits were made. If you find out, let us know.

AlexandraAlexandra Brodsky is a Feministing editor, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX.

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  1. Posted August 22, 2014 at 11:42 am | Permalink

    Based on the editor’s other comments, (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?diff=622194286&oldid=622165630) they seem to identify as a TERF and a woman. Quoting a noted anti-feminists, Gavin Mcinnes, and referring to Anita Skarseesian is a little strange, though. Skarseesian is a popular Youtube figure that anti-feminists seem to believe is taking over the world, but she’s hardly the most prolific feminist, and I don’t even know if she devotes much of her shows to trans issues. It could just be a stupid troll using words they saw on Tumblr to pretend to be a TERF. Either way, they’re quite terrible. It would be interesting to find out who they work for.

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