Texts to Emma Stone

Hey Emma

It’s alexandra sry don’t know if you have my number saved

Sorry to do this over text but

I’ve been reading a lot about your movie with Woody Allen recently and honestly I want to be happy for you but I can’t

Didn’t you read his daughter Dylan’s article this year about his abuse? havent you read all the articles?

Didn’t you read Dylan call out the actresses who worked w him for their complicity?

She called you out

“What if it had been you, emma stone?”

Of course you’ve read it

Look I get that I’m not texting colin about this right now

but 1) I will, he should know better too and it doesn’t matter hes a guy

and also 2) I guess I’m just particularly disappointed in you because you’ve been such a great feminist voice in other ways

Like that time you called out andrew about his outdated ideas of femininity

And also yea I get that just because yr a woman actress doesn’t mean you’ve volunteered to be seom feminist activist

But no one’s asking you to give up your day to job to go work for planned parenthood or w/e

Not working with a rapist and pedophile isn’t the burden of the devoted organizer

It’s just the right thing to do based on the lowest level of unavoidable human responsibility to other humans

Whether or not you mean to you’re condoning his behavior

Things don’t not matter just because we didnt choose for them to have meaning


Call me if you want to talk

Or just text

AlexandraAlexandra Brodsky is a Feministing editor, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX.

New Haven, CT

Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at Feministing.com, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX, a national legal education campaign against campus gender-based violence. Alexandra has written for publications including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Nation, and she has spoken about violence against women and reproductive justice on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and NPR. Through Know Your IX, she has organized with students across the country to build campuses free from discrimination and violence, developed federal policy on Title IX enforcement, and has testified at the Senate. At Yale Law, Alexandra focuses on antidiscrimination law and is a member of the Veterans Legal Services Clinic. Alexandra is committed to developing and strengthening responses to gender-based violence outside the criminal justice system through writing, organizing, and the law. Keep an eye out for The Feminist Utopia Project, co-edited by Alexandra and forthcoming from the Feminist Press (2015).

Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at Feministing.com, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/tkalenb/ Kalen T

    No. Just no.

    While I fully support Dylan in her story and conviction and think Woody Allen should have beenre-investigated (if that was at all possible) and put through the wringer, what I don’t support is Emma Stone being policed for being a ‘bad feminist’ for working with someone who has not been convicted, who has only ever faced allegations, and who has every right to work and have a job the same as anyone actually convicted. He should probably be in prison, but even after, he would still likely find work in the film industry in the alternate reality where Dylan did receive justice. Much as everyone would hope he’d be ruined for life for what he did.

    I’m not even an Emma Stone fan, but guilty by association – in this case guilty of being a bad feminist for choosing to work with someone like Woody Allen – is a bad fallacy to be employing. What do we do about all the feminists in the world who either knowingly or unknowingly work with pedophiles and rapists who have been convicted? Do I call myself a ‘bad feminist’ for working in the same department as someone who was accused and then acquitted? I can definitely choose to job hop until I find a business where I *know* no one has ever been even rumored to have been accused of rape let alone convicted, but how long will that last? My former or current employer won’t necessarily get rid of/refuse to hire the individuals I’m objecting to or that the individual rapist will be unable to find any other job. At what point does the expectation that we put on others to be ‘good feminist’ become unreasonable in its expectations? The only way I know I can guarantee that I absolutely control who I work with is if I self-employed.

    Working with Woody Allen does not imply that Emma Stone approves, supports, or condones what Woody Allen did to Dylan. It means that she works with him to form a product and both of them get paid for that product by their employers in the industry – studios – and by the customers that come to buy said product – the movie goers.

  • http://feministing.com/members/pjwhite/ Penny White

    Thank You! As a father-daughter incest survivor, you help me to feel less alone in the world. You really helped. Sending hugs.